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Volunteer Postings

Event Coordinator - Hope Heels participates in a number of events each year and puts on two signature events per year. We need a volunteer who knows how to plan and execute events. 

Fundraising Coordinator - Hope Heels needs a volunteer to investigate and pursue fundraising possibilities. 

Grant Writer - Much of our funding comes from grant applications. We need someone to help us find grants and apply for them. 

Volunteer Coordinator - We are run by volunteers and we need someone to help us coordinate their efforts and make sure their needs are being met. 

Social Media Manager - Hope Heels needs to get the word out about all the great work that we do. If you have experience managing social media accounts and would like to volunteer with us, contact us right away!

Groomers - ​Service Dogs always need to look their best so we are always on the look out for groomers willing to donate their time so our pups in training can look and feel their best! If you are a groomer and you would like to help by grooming our dogs, please contact us!

Veterinarian - Are you a veterinarian who is willing to offer a discount/donate your time so we can make sure that our pups are in tip top health? Please contact us! 

Events/Locations - We are always looking for new and novel experiences to expose our Service Dogs to because you never know what you'll run into as a working team. Some examples of these situations are; bowling, miniature golf, movie theatres, horses, swimming pools, petting zoos, musical events and many more! If have access to any of these situations or others and would be interested in donating time/entrance fees for our pups in training please send us the details!

Contact Us

Twitter: HopeHeelsDogs

To apply to be a puppy raiser, email 

To receive an application for a BRAVO K9 service dog, please email 

For volunteer opperitunities or funding/donations, please email 

Phone: 780-719-3284 (for dog emergencies only)