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Puppy raisers are the heart and soul of our organization.

It is through their generosity and spirit that we are able to make the dreams of these service dog teams come true.

If you would like to sign up to be a Hope Heels puppy raiser download and fill out the application below then email it to 

Puppy Raiser Job Description

The role of the Puppy Raiser is to expose your puppy to as many environments and situations as possible under the direction of our trainers. Raising a puppy means that you will have a 4 legged companion by your side as much as possible. This will be a big commitment, but it is a critical part of socializing our puppies so they will be prepared for the working life they will have with their future partners. While these puppies are in training to be service dogs, they are still puppies - and will bark, chew, need to learn how to listen and need house training. 

You will get your puppy when it is about 8 weeks old and they will stay with you for approximately 12-18 months. Ideally one adult would be at home during the day or you would be able to bring the puppy with you to work. Young puppies cannot be left at home alone for more than 4-5 hours a day and they must live in your home as part of your family.

The following is a list of some of things that Hope Heels expects you to do with your puppy: 

    Provide lots of love and snuggling

    Daily exercise. On leash walks in populated areas, parks and forests. 

    Diligence with housebreaking

    Attend one class a week with our trainers

    Commit to short 5-10 minute training sessions each day

    Car rides

    Once approved by our trainers, take the puppy to new and interesting (dog friendly) places at least once a week.

(For example, Chapters, Canadian Tire, Rona) 

There are temporary boarding homes available to help care for your puppy during vacations or unplanned circumstances when you can’t take your puppy with you.


We will provide training equipment (ie. leash, collar), dog food and cover veterinary expenses provided they are not a result of negligence. We request that you provide bedding, treats and toys.

Our goal is to have ten puppy raisers to help make these service dog teams a reality. Once we have met our goal of ten puppy raisers for our BRAVO K9 program, we can set a new goal and expand our programming into other areas. 

To become a puppy raiser at Hope Heels, there are five steps: 

1. Complete and submit your application 

2. Come and watch a minimum of 2 puppy classes 

3. Have a home visit (safety check) 

4. Read the Hope Heels Puppy Raiser Manual 

5. Be matched with a puppy to raise! 

Can't raise a puppy, but still want to help? Sponsor a service dog puppy instead! Donors who raise over $1000 (of the $5000 cost to raise a puppy) can become 'honorary puppy raisers' and get regular updates on their puppy's progress! 

Sponsor a Service Dog Puppy 

Contact Us

Twitter: HopeHeelsDogs

To apply to be a puppy raiser, email 

To receive an application for a BRAVO K9 service dog, please email 

For volunteer opperitunities or funding/donations, please email 

Phone: 780-719-3284 (for dog emergencies only)